Structures in LabView


STRUCTURES are graphical representations of the loops and case statements o=
f text-based programming languages. There are cases when a decision must be=
 made in a program. In text-based programs, this can be accomplished with s=
tatements like if-else, case and so on. LABVIEW includes many different way=
s of making decisions. The simplest of these methods is the select function=
 located in the functions palette. This function selects between two values=
 dependent on a Boolean input.

Use structures on the BLOCK DIAGRAM to repeat blocks of code and to execute=
 code conditionally or in a specific order. Like other nodes, structures ha=
ve terminals that connect them to other block diagram nodes, execute automa=
tically when input data are available, and supply data to output wires when=
 execution is complete. Each structure has a distinctive, resizable border =
to enclose the section of the block diagram that executes according to the =
rules of the structure. The section of the block diagram inside the structu=
re border is called a subdiagram. The terminals that feed data into and out=
 of structures are called tunnels. A tunnel is a connection point on a stru=
cture border.

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