VISA ERROR(hex 0xBFFF0011)

Hi, there,
I've programmed a VI that communicates via USB TMC with an instrument.
fine on the Computer (Window 2000 with LV 7.0 Full Development), where
developed the VI.

I built an application of this VI. Works fine on the Computer, where I

When I try to portate it on another Computer (Window 2000 with Runtime
Engine LV
7.0) I have the following error

Error -1073807343 occurred at VISA Open in ***.VI.

Possible reasons:

VISA:  (Hex 0xBFFF0011) Insufficient location information or the
device or resource is not presnt in the system.

What cause this problem ?

Thanks a lot"
x9561 (148439)
3/5/2004 9:15:06 PM
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Seems like your instrument is not being found on the second computer.
Most likely, your instrument drivers have not been properly installed.
If using VISA, you must have VISA drivers for that instrument
installed on the computer you are using to connect to that instrument.
You can use MAX (Measurement and Automation Explorer) to see if that
unit is properly installed.  If it doesn't show up in MAX, your
drivers are not properly installed.
x9561 (148439)
3/5/2004 10:02:59 PM
Check your Automation Explorer , Devices and Interfaces, Ports (serial
& Parallel). Check the Port you are trying to communicate with and see
if the Alias name is the same as in your program. I have had problems
using COM X  on some machines but ASRLX::INSTR works just fine.

I try to use an INI file to set the device configurations in it. If
you have a constant  with your resource name in you vi, It may be
calling your resource COM5 on you development machine but on your test
machine it may be COM2.

Both situations have happen to me.

Hope this helps.
x9561 (148439)
3/5/2004 10:09:35 PM
Definitely you will want configure an alias to your USBTMC instrument
and copy your visaconf.ini to your target machine.

Unlike other traditional GPIB instruments, it is unlikely that your
USB device has the same address when connected to another computer.
Therefore, use VISA aliases that allow you to configure your USB
device outside of your application.

To learn more about VISA and USB, you the following app note is
Using NI-VISA 3.0 to Control Your USB Device<a>
x9561 (148439)
3/6/2004 9:43:46 PM

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