PDF::API2 - Extracting text and position from PDF file

Hello All,

I am new to PDF files so I don't really know if what I want to do is 
possible and how to use the PDF::API2 modules.

I need to extract information from columns in a table ( I assume that 
PDF does not know anything about tables). What I was thinking of doing 
was finding the horizontal location of the header (I know what it should 
be), then extract all text that starts at that location.

I have played around with the PDF::API2 module and read the 'Using 
PDF::API2 - The code' help page, however it doesn't show me how to 
extract information from an existing file. Could someone point me in the 
right direction for some documentation or examples of how this might be 
done, or if it can be done?

Thanks In Advance
4/17/2008 7:58:53 PM
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