ANNOUNCE: Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker

Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker version 0.05 is available on CPAN.

Full source is available at 


     This module automates the process of tying data from a database to widgets on a Glade-generated form. 
     All that is required is that you name your widgets the same as the fields in your data source.

    Steps for use:

    - Create a DataManager object that contains the rows to display. Use DbiDataManager, RdbDataManager or DbcDataManager 
      depending on how you access the database: sql commands and DBI, DBIx::Class or Rose::DB::Object

    - Create a Gtk2::GladeXML object to construct the Gtk2 windows

    - Create a Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::Form object that links the data and the windows

    You would then typically connect the buttons to the methods below to handle common actions such as inserting, moving, deleting, etc.


    Files using DBIx::Class, Rose::DB::Object, DBI and sql commands show how to acces a SQLite database.


	#example using DBIx::Class object

        use Gtk2 -init;
        use Gtk2::GladeXML;
        use Gtk2::Ex:Linker::DbcDataManager;

        use My::Schema;
        use Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::DbcDataManager;

        my $builder = Gtk2::Builder->new();

	# create a DBIx::Class::ResultSet object
        my $resultset = $schema->resultset('MyTable'); 
	# and pass it to the DbcDataManager constructor
        my $dbcm = Gtk2::Ex::DbLinker::DbcDataManager->new({rs => $resultset } );

	# create a form object that pull together the xml glade file and 
	# the row to display from the DbcDataManager
        my $form = Linker::Form->new({ 
		    data_manager => $dbcm,
		    builder =>  $builder,

	# populate combo box using rows from another DbcDataManager
	    	data_manager => $dman,
    		id => 'nameid',
		fields => ["nameid", "name"],


	# to display a new set of rows
	# get a new ResultSet object and pass it to query
	my $rs = $self->{schema}->resultset('Table')->search_rs({FieldA=> $fieldA_value},  {order_by => 'FieldB'});


    Any Gk2::Ex::DbLinker questions or problems can be posted to the the mailing list. To subscribe to the list or view the archives, go here: 
    You may also send emails to gtk2-ex-dblinker@googlegroups.com. 

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