module to show logfiles side-by-side

I have logfiles from two servers. The usual Unix syslog
format with a timestamp (Jan 10 01:31:54) on the left.

I am looking for an easy way to show these side-by-side in such a way
that one side shows vertical whitespace wen the other log does NOT
have content, so that ultimately times line up nicely and it's
possible to more easily follow what went on on each server.

Another way would be to colour each server's log differently, with a
unified timestamp unindented on the left).

I think this could be done using perl (and its formats to auto-wrap
longer lines).. However, I would like this to adapt to varying terminal
widths, and I am so far unsure how to vary the lengths of the
formats. (It would also be nice if more than 2 inputs could be shown in
n columns etc).

Is there maybe a module to do this already?

A CPAN search didn't help me. but maybe I am just looking for the wrong

1/26/2015 4:55:30 AM
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On 26/1/15 12:55, Mathias KÅ‘rber wrote:

> Is there maybe a module to do this already?

NVM. I figured it out (mostly).

1/26/2015 11:26:50 AM