Re: catch key stroke before displaying in an entry

At 03:05 PM 10/4/2004, Thomas Kaiser wrote:

>I have an application with a main window an several Entry's (input boxes). I would like to check the pressed key before it is displaied in the selected entry or even if no entry is selected (main window selected). I need this to determine if the input is comming from the keyboard or from a barcode scanner which is connected together with the keyboard (and acts like a keyboard, I can add some post chars for the barcode reader).
>I tried to "bind" the "KeyPress" event to the main window and hoped this  will be the first callback which is called after pressing a key, but it seems to be the last callback. Then I could check the char and decide if  the callback should  break or the next call back should be executed.
>I hope somebody can tell me an easy way to do this.

Read about the -validatecommand and -validate options in the Tk::Entry pod. 

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