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I just did this yesterday, but slightly differently.  In my case, I have
a series of data entry fields, which can be manually entered, or can be
loaded from a 2d barcode (1d or 2d is irrelevant, however).

The main trick is that most scanners can be set (or are by default?) to
invoke the Return key following a scan.

# Return key is invoked by barcode scanning.  Trap this key
# and see if a barcode was indeed scanned
$mw->bind('<Return>' => \&handle_enter);

Now, anyone can hit the return key, but it's easy enough to check to see
if the data meets our expectations of a valid barcode.  In my case, I
expect at least eleven vertical bars, with a '1' as the first symbol:

sub handle_enter {
    my ($widget) = @_;
    unless ($widget->isa('Tk::Entry')) {
    my @f = split(/\|/, $widget->get);
    my $count = scalar(@f);
    unless ($count >= 11) {
        return; # not a barcode scan
    # handle a version 1 barcode (currently the only version)
    if ($f[0] == 1) {
        $entries{some_field} = $f[1];
        $entries{some_other_field} = $f[2];
        $entries{some_yet_other_field} = $f[3];

        # Set the entry fields to read only
        set_entry_fields_state($entry_frame, 'readonly');
        $editable = 0;
        # Move the focus to the first active quantity field

The only subtle bit - the $entries{...} fields are also tied to the
Tk::Entry.  So, in the event that a barcode is scanned, the data that
was momentarily there is replaced by what was decoded during
In the case of a 1d barcode, you could go look it up in your database to
validate it.  If you don't like the barcode, just set the $entry field
back to a blank value, display an error, or whatever.
On Mon, 2004-10-04 at 14:05, Thomas Kaiser wrote:
> Hello List
> I have an application with a main window an several Entry's (input 
> boxes). I would like to check the pressed key before it is displaied in 
> the selected entry or even if no entry is selected (main window 
> selected). I need this to determine if the input is comming from the 
> keyboard or from a barcode scanner which is connected together with the 
> keyboard (and acts like a keyboard, I can add some post chars for the 
> barcode reader).

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