Re: malfunctioning keys in sun 10-key under Perl/Tk #3

>>> konovalo <konovalo@mail.wplus.net> 02/02/05 11:32 AM >>>
>>The problem we have is that using the 10 key 
>>pad on our Sun model Type 5c keyboards almost 
>>works. Everything is normal except:
>>  pressing '4' translates to 'left arrow'
>>  pressing '6' translates to 'right arrow'
>is it true for any widget (e.g. Entry or Text) or you mean %K bind 
>variable, and misbehaving only that?
>so "widget" demo also suffers this problem?
>In case this is true for all widgets, they try pure Tcl/Tk demo to check

>whether it also suffers same problem

Actually, I see I should have done some more testing 
before my post. Only the "Entry" widget was tested, 
and it has both '4' and '6' keypad keys malfunctioning.

The 'Text' widget has '2', '4', '6', and '8' behaving as 
arrow keys when 'Num Lock" is engaged ('1', '3', '5', 
'7', and '9' keys produce those numbers). I apologize 
for the incomplete problem explanation.

Unfortunately, I am ignorant of the "%K bind" and the 
"pure Tcl/Tk demo". Can you enlighten me? I will 
certainly do any legwork required to troubleshoot this 

Thanks to everyone who has responded, I truly 
appreciate the help.

Troy Johnson
MCSS/MN Dept. of Health

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2/2/2005 9:27:40 PM
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