Re: malfunctioning keys in sun 10-key under Perl/Tk #4

>>>The problem we have is that using the 10 key 
>>>pad on our Sun model Type 5c keyboards almost 
>>>works. Everything is normal except:
>>> pressing '4' translates to 'left arrow'
>>> pressing '6' translates to 'right arrow'
>>is it true for any widget (e.g. Entry or Text) or you mean %K bind 
>>variable, and misbehaving only that?
>>so "widget" demo also suffers this problem?
>>In case this is true for all widgets, they try pure Tcl/Tk demo to check
>>whether it also suffers same problem
>Actually, I see I should have done some more testing 
>before my post. Only the "Entry" widget was tested, 
>and it has both '4' and '6' keypad keys malfunctioning.
>The 'Text' widget has '2', '4', '6', and '8' behaving as 
>arrow keys when 'Num Lock" is engaged ('1', '3', '5', 
>'7', and '9' keys produce those numbers). I apologize 
>for the incomplete problem explanation.
>Unfortunately, I am ignorant of the "%K bind" and the 
I meant those mentioned by
  perldoc Tk::bind

>"pure Tcl/Tk demo". Can you enlighten me? I will 
>certainly do any legwork required to troubleshoot this 
by "pure Tcl/Tk" demo I meant following (sorry for not being clear)
Perl is a scripting language, and Tcl/Tk is another scripting language.
Perl has Tk module (we're in its discussion list) and Tcl/Tk has very 
similar Tk GUI.
Tk was adopted to Perl many years ago, but initially Tk was connected to Tcl

Being two different languages, Tcl/Tk and Perl has interconnection modules

When something goes wrong in perl/Tk it is quite reasonable to check 
whether Tcl/Tk has same behaviour

Additionally, both Perl (w/ perl/Tk) and Tcl/Tk binaries are maintained 
by activestate.com (there may be others)

by  "pure Tcl/Tk" I meant for example 
It has similar to Perl's widgets demo, and you can try some widget 
behaviour from within it.

Also, running following code on Tcl/Tk interpreter:
pack [text .t]
will bring a Tcl/Tk GUI and widget on it for you to check behaviour

Isn't your OS is solaris? It could be actively supported by both 
scripting languages in question.

Best regards,

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