Re: malfunctioning keys in sun 10-key under Perl/Tk #8

>>>>The problem we have is that using the 10 key 
>>>>pad on our Sun model Type 5c keyboards almost 
>>>>works. Everything is normal except:
>>>>pressing '4' translates to 'left arrow'
>>>>pressing '6' translates to 'right arrow'
>>Also, running following code on Tcl/Tk interpreter:
>>pack [text .t]
>>will bring a Tcl/Tk GUI and widget on it for you to check behaviour
>Using 'wish' to check out:
>  pack [ text .t ]
>  pack [ entry .e ]
>and the keyboard behaves in the same 
>manner as it does in Perl/Tk. 

Then this should be discussed with Tcl/Tk people first, as long as 
problem starts from there.

Can you provide version information? Can you try latest?

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3/15/2005 7:27:57 AM
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