Re: Perl-tk cut and paste key bindings #3

Colin Tuckley <colin@tuckley.org> writes:
>Nick Ing-Simmons wrote:
>> The idea being to mimic key bindings that platform normaly provides.
>> Snag being that X11 isn't very regular in this regard. In particular 
>> Control-C is no use in a terminal emulator window - as it kills the shell ;-)
>> What does Tcl/Tk do?
>> What do other X11 GUIs do (KDE/Gnome)? 
>With the help of a few people with various different systems we have
>discovered that <Caps-Lock><Ctrl>c does the same as <Ctrl>c on every system
>and application where it does anything sensible. Also we have found that
><Shift><Cntrl>c appears not to do anything expected! On most systems where
>it does anything at all it seems to emulate <Alt-Gr>c
>Is it possible to add key bindings for <Caps-Lock><Ctrl>[c|x|v] to make them
>behave the same as <Ctrl>[c|x|v] which would make things work in the most
>logical (expected) way?

I think it is possible, but I can't remember the details.
(There is something odd about the Lock modifier(s).)


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3/6/2006 9:46:54 PM
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