Re: Mandis Quotes (aka retiring """ and ''')

Russell Nelson wrote:

> If you need to put a single quote in, then you put
> an arbitrary string in-between the single quotes which does NOT
> appear in the string.  For example, "Bill's house" becomes
> 'x'Bill's house'x'.

So possible examples might be:

'xx'somebody's mother'xx'
'xy'somebody's father'xy'
'wink'somebody's uncle'wink'
'quote'somebody's body'quote'

not terrible easy on the eyes, and why use the single quote at all?  Why no=
t use a similar pattern like this

<quote>somebody's body<quote>

or would we then worry that we might want to quote some angle bracketed mar=

it seems like the problem is what to use as a unique delimiter.  Personally=
 I am all for using u5421 [&#5421;], but I suspect we might risk the ire of=
 Nanuk.  So rather than going TMTOWTDI  with 'x' and  'earl' and 'ernie' wh=
y don't we declare a new unicode symbol for quoting (how do you draw an end=
less loop graphic?)?

Of course, when we need to quote some text which uses the new quoting unico=
de symbol...

we'll just escape it with a \.

[I like '''triple quotes''' though if they ever catch on in the mainstream,=
 they'll be useless - because they will wind up in strings]

Eric Pederson
ePrefix=3D"".join([chr(ord(x)+1) for x in "do"])
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10/5/2004 5:56:41 AM
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