New gem for OO authorization focused on APIs

know_it_all (https://github.com/mrodrigues/know_it_all) is a new gem for au=
thorization, heavily inspired on Pundit (https://github.com/elabs/pundit), =
that makes it easier to display errors through the API. It is also more fle=
xible in the arguments it receives, as it understands that certain actions=
=E2=80=99 authorizations depend on several factors.

The motivation to create this solution was trying to provide better feedbac=
k for a mobile developer who was consuming an API I maintain. Under complex=
 situations, it is useless to respond a simple 403 Forbidden without more d=
escriptive error messages. Hence I started modifying Pundit to adequate my =
new requirements, but its structural pattern makes it incompatible with wha=
t I needed, so I wrote this small gem.
I hope it's useful to you guys as it is to me! :)
7/1/2016 1:40:58 PM
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