( picoVerse-:( Dolphin online extreme programming ) )

I think that there should be a way where by groups of people can
program on a source code in the STS for Dolphin 7 at the same time in
real time in the Kent Beck Extreme Programming way.

The owner of the method being worked on is in the driver seat.  He has
an audience behind him online watching everything he does.  They can
comment on it as he is typing.

If they want they can fork off their own version of the Method and the
Method owner can look at it and decide if anything can be used from
the fork.

The audience can vote on what the owner is doing via a charted
exchange.  If they think he is doing good they can buy and if they
think he is screwing up they can sell.  This exchange would have to be
immune to illiquidity.  The bidding would be done in picoDollars.  1
picoDollar is 1 trillionth of a US dollar.  The exchange would have
random processes in it to simulate liquidity.

These are ideas I would like to incorporate into picoLARC.  I would
like to make picoLARC an online extreme programming platform.

Each and every Package or Class or Method or Category can have a forum
attached to it where extreme programming can be done.

I would like to imagine a company where there are no formal
employees.  But just free programmers with backers in the audience.

An investor can invest in a Method or Package and if that code does
well then the value of it rises.

An investor can buy future program cycles and then sell them at a
later date for a profit.  Or a loss.

There has to be a secure or openly secure way to track program cycles.

Every Method Class or Package can have competitors which are switched
at runtime.  Depending on intellegent cycle buying bots.

There has to be entities who go around and spot copy cats who are
trying to make automatic copy cat competing versions.

So imagine a ghost corporation with no employees and no CEO.

It is just a clustering of free agent programmers and users and
investor traders.  Decissions are made according to what the internal
exchanges dictate the market thinks in real time.

Various competing ideas may trade against each other as they are
modified.  One of these competitors may spike upwards to a level that
signifies that it should be enacted.

The market is supposed to be smarter than any individual.

So imagine that one of these ghost corporations got going.

And imagine that traditional corporations could not compete with the
new open headless ghost corps.

Who knows.

It could be the singularity.

And then imagine if these markets took over a third world country's
government.  And it became a ghost government run completely by some
form of real time voting exchanges.  One person one trillion voting

If you made bad decissions then you would lose voting picoDollars.
But those picoDollars would eventually come back to you after a
while.  After more successful voters had used them.

Success would be measured and the measurments voted on in real time.
Continuously and out in the open.

Imagine that such a country suddenly became perfect in every way.  And
started eating everybody else's lunch.

It could be the singularity.
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12/21/2009 10:15:33 AM
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