ANN: Tcl RAL - a Tcl Relational Algebra Library

This is to announce the initial release of TCLRAL, an implementation of
relational algebra for Tcl. From a programmers point of view, this is a "C"
based extension that introduces two new data types, Tuple and Relation, and
a set of ensemble style commands that provide the algebraic operators. The
project is hosted at SourceForge and the project page at
http://tclral.sourceforge.net provides the details.

This is an initial release so the usual cautions apply. Also my appologies
to Windows users at this time. I don't have access to Microsoft compilers
so it will take me a bit longer to ready the usual Windows binary release.
A linux binary release is provided. Also, unix users will note that the
build procedures for the source release are sparse. This will improve over

-- Andrew Mangogna
amangogna (65)
8/30/2004 1:49:30 AM
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