Hotel Room Rate Reminder - 20th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (Tcl'2013)

20'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference (Tcl'2013)

September 23 - 27, 2013
Bourbon Orleans Hotel
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hello all.

This is a general reminder that the offer of reduced rates for rooms
at the conference hotel expires on August 19, i.e. in a week.

    Book Now! (if you haven't already).

Of course registration for the Conference is still open at


To book a room at the conference hotel at reduced rates please follow
the instructions on that page.

Our schedule can be found at


Conference Committee

Clif Flynt              Noumena Corp            General Chair, Website Admin
Andreas Kupries         ActiveState Software Inc.    Program Chair
Gerald Lester           KnG Consulting, LLC        Site/Facilities Chair
Arjen Markus            Deltares
Brian Griffin           Mentor Graphics
Cyndy Lilagan           Nat. Museum of Health & Medicine, Chicago
Donal Fellows           University of Manchester
Jeffrey Hobbs           ActiveState Software Inc.
Kevin Kenny             GE Global Research Center
Larry Virden
Mike Doyle              National Museum of Health & Medicine, Chicago
Ron Fox                 NSCL/FRIB Michigan State University
Steve Landers           Digital Smarties

Contact Information     tclconference@googlegroups.com

Tcl'2013 would like to thank those who are sponsoring the conference:

ActiveState Software Inc.
Buonacorsi Foundation
Mentor Graphics
Noumena Corp.
SR Technology
Tcl Community Association
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