how to read file in tcl

in the condition that 
giving some coordinate of polygon
in a directory and i have to 
read these file without using 
the command create poly
how to call these file
from the directory?
8/11/2003 8:31:38 AM
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In article <36940419.0308110031.66a5cd1@posting.google.com>,
K Zewi <prowarcraftplayer@yahoo.com> wrote:
>in the condition that 
>giving some coordinate of polygon
>in a directory and i have to 
>read these file without using 
>the command create poly
>how to call these file
>from the directory?

Did you ever get the help you sought?  My guess
is that readers found your question hard to
understand <URL: http://wiki.tcl.tk/RequestHelp >.

Cameron Laird <Cameron@Lairds.com>
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Personal:  http://phaseit.net/claird/home.html
claird429 (924)
9/2/2003 9:06:44 AM