problems with JavaScript

Hi, I need help to JavaScript.  I am new to this, and am trying to the
page online ASAP.  I

have two submit buttons on one form, and each button will have to do
different things.

I named both button "but1".  The first button has the value "Continue",
the second button has

the value "new page".  If someone click on the button with the value
"Continue", I need to

check if certain information has been filled in before proceeding, and
if yes, I need to go

to page1.php (which is the second page of the form) and I have to save
the result on a


If someone click on the button with the value "New Page", I do not need
to check for

anything, but I have to go to pagenew.php (which is a different version
of the second page)

and also save the result onto a database.

I have the following codes, I have been trying for the whole day, it is
still not working.

Would some please help me?  Thank you very, very much!

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">

function radio_button_checker()

	if(radio_form.but1.value == "Continue")
		if((radio_form.Desc.value == "")
 		|| (radio_form.General.value == 0)
 		|| (radio_form.Specific.value == 0))
 			 alert("Please answer all questions.")
  			return (false);
  		return (true);


function decideLink()
	if(radio.form.but1.value == "Continue")
		return (page1.php);
	if (radio.form.but1.value == "Would Not Outsource Offshore")
		return (pagenew.php);

<form method="post" action="return decideLink()"
onsubmit="return radio_button_checker()" name="radio_form">

2/11/2005 12:33:12 AM
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