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We have 2 SMTP gateway running Solaris 10 to relay mails to external. The 2 SMTP servers smtp-1 and smtp-2 are installed in different data center and load balance by F5 load balancer. 

When we shutdown the DC that installed with smtp-1 for maintenance and configured the load balance to route mails that going out to use smtp-2. We experienced that mails are not able to send out found the following in the log: 

<date> smtp-2 sendmail[13711]: [ID 801593 mail.info] uBHGEiBr013709: to=<recipient@gmail.com>, delay=00:15:55, xdelay=00:15:55, mailer=esm
tp, pri=120318, relay=mailhost.com, dsn=5.3.5, stat=Local configuration error

When the DC is up, the SMTP mails are back to normal.

What could be the problem?

12/19/2016 5:40:46 AM
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> tp, pri=120318, relay=mailhost.com, dsn=5.3.5, stat=Local configuration error
>  :

Is that the real/full stat message?

> What could be the problem?

        o 4.5 How can I solve "MX list for hostname points back to hostname"
          and "config error: mail loops back to myself" messages?
(that's from the FAQ)

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