Dual SIM problem with Moto G (2nd generation) in UK

I have had a '3' PAYG SIM in one slot of my Moto G2 from the outset and 
various other SIMS in the other slot from time to time. Hitherto, 
[except in Australia - see below] I have had "Preferred SIM for mobile 
data" set to '3'.

I have just acquired a PlusNet SIM which uses the EE network and have 
signed up for a monthly deal with inclusive minutes, texts and data - so 
now need to use that as the preferred SIM for mobile data.

Problem is that when I select that, it kills the '3' SIM stone dead and 
says "Mobile network not available" when I try to use it.

This seems to be related to the fact that in the Mobile Network Settings 
menu there is an item called "Preferred network type" for each of the 
SIMs. This is automatically set to 3G for the PlusNet SIM, and doesn't 
provide any other options. For the '3' SIM, it's set to 2G - and greyed 
out. I think this is the problem, because '3' SIMs won't work on 2G 
networks. It looks as if the phone doesn't permit both SIMs to be set to 
3G at the same time.

The only way I can find of getting both SIMs working at the same time is 
to set the Preferred SIM for mobile data back to '3' - but that's not 
what I want because that doesn't allow me to use the PlusNet data I've 
paid for.

It doesn't matter which SIM is in which slot - the result is exactly the 

Has anyone come across this problem, and is there a solution?

[FWIW, I was in Australia recently and used a local (Amaysim) SIM in one 
slot - with the '3' SIM in the other slot in order to use 'feel at home' 
- and the two SIMs co-existed quite happily with Amaysim being used for 
data - so I'm not quite sure what's different.]
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12/23/2016 5:22:50 PM
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