ftp data port cant connect while port 21 connects

hi! i've actually managed to set up a ftp cum web server on my old
comp using red hat linux 9. my ftp daemon is vsftp. i'm using ip
forwarding services from www.dynu.com to redirect the incoming
requests. i'm sitting behind a router, which 'dmz' all requests to my
server. plus i disabled all firewalls.

now, there is this strange phenomenon bugging me. in my LAN, i can ftp
without a hitch. out of my LAN, i can only ftp sporadically. and its
always the data port tat cannot connect up.

its ONLY when i use ws-ftp pro then the prb is solved. any other
clients(eg, dos, ws-ftp lite, etc) can only get me as far as the port
21 connection. http requests worked fine all the time. and i'm using
broadband in my LAN and from outside as well. i tried both active and
passive ftp, and none worked.

funny thing is when i tried ftp-ing to another site using dos or
ws-ftp lite, it works!? only my own server doesnt work. tats awfully

anyone got any idea why the data port connection is so flimsy??
3/4/2004 7:18:28 AM
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