RunCPM Z80 CP/M Emulator

Hi All,

I have just finished updating my CP/M 2.2 emulator.
RunCPM is able to run now on many different platforms, including the Arduino DUE (sorry, only the DUE for now).
On the Arduino it has BDOS calls to access the digital and analog ports, courtesy of my friend Krzysztof Klis.
It supports both the DR's CCP anz ZCPR2, which can be built from source on the system itself.
I have also implemented a debugger embedded on the code, which helps a lot when reverse engineering and debugging Z80 applications.
Please feel free to have at it, the URL is http://github.com/MockbaTheBorg/RunCPM.

Just build it and give it a go.
We have went through a great deal of testing and bug fixing, but if you find something, please let me know.

All the best,
Marcelo "Mockba" Dantas.
9/21/2016 1:24:55 PM
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