[News] [Linux] Innovative Audio-based Handheld Runs Linux

Where a Screen Isn't an Option, a Hand-Held Uses Audio

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| The Linux-based Icon, which comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion 
| battery, runs on an Intel 520-megahertz XScale processor and has 
| 256 megabytes of internal flash memory, along with a MiniSD card 
| slot to add more storage.



IBM helps blind 'see' web video

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| Technology giant, IBM, is soon to launch a multimedia browser to make
| audio and video content accessible to people with vision impairments.
| [...]
| The company plans to "open source" its new accessibility software in
| order to make it available to the largest possible number of people.


IBM to Help Colleges Make Software More Accessible for Disabled and Aged

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| The students wrote computer code that checks word processing documents
| that adhere to the OpenDocument Format (ODF), to determine whether they
| are accessible. To propagate the technology, the students contributed 
| their code to the open source community (sourceforge.org).


The Free Standards Group to Standardize New Accessibility Software Interfaces
Donated by IBM

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| The Free Standards Group has said that it will be developing and
| maintaining software interfaces donated by IBM as an open standard,
| available for all to use. The standardized interfaces, IAccessible2,
| make it far easier for application developers to provide accessible
| applications to computer users with disabilities, regardless of their
| OS platform. IAccessible2 will become a crucial part of the FSG
| Accessibility Workgroup and is available immediately.


IBM tool 'reads' Web video for blind

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| IBM has made a tool for Web browsers that will help the blind and
| visually impaired access streaming multimedia on the Web.


Free Operating System For Blind: Adriane Knoppix

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| Klaus and Adriane Knopper are working on an operating system for the
| blind, and as compared to other solutions available, this one is
| absolutely free!

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