[News] [Linux] Linux Has Advantage in the Mobile OS World

How Linux morphed from a server to a mobile OS

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| When evaluating Linux as a possible OS candidate, it is important to
| remember that the Linux "model" for mobile devices is horizontal. That
| is, Linux is not presented as a vertically integrated top to bottom
| solution for a mobile device supplied by one vendor.
| It's a sharp contrast to the other OS suppliers such as Microsoft
| with Windows Mobile, Symbian and PalmSource. These suppliers
| support a highly integrated software stack, incorporating not
| only an OS but also extensive middleware and application layer
| pieces. Arguably the price for such integration is lack of
| flexibility and loss of control. 


Microsoft taps mobiles for developing world

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| Microsoft is facing fierce competition from Linux, however, most
| notably the One Laptop per Child project to ship low cost
| notebooks to schools in developing nations. 
| Linux vendor Red Hat unveiled a Global Desktop last week
| targeting computers at small and medium sized businesses as
| well as governments in third world nations.



70 percent of smartphones use Symbian

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| At 3GSM it became clear that 70 percent of all smartphones use Symbian.
| Linux accounts for 16.9 percent of the smartphone market and only
| 4.6 percent uses Microsoft Windows Mobile.


Linux expected to be leading Smartphone OS market by 2010

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| I just came across this research by Diffusion Group, which found
| that Linux is set to become the leading Smartphone OS by 2010.

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