[News] [Linux] More Speculations About a Google OS Based on GNU/Linux

Google admits that it is going after Microsoft Office... Is Windows next?

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| So that brings us to the obvious question: What about the operating
| system? There have been rumors for years about a Google PC and/or
| Google OS that was based on Linux and aimed at providing a simple, 
| intuitive desktop for the masses. Naturally, that Google PC would
| primarily be an Internet terminal that features Google's online
| applications.


Still getting slapped for spyware (Dell) and news aggregators...

Google stands firm behind News search site

,----[ Quote ]
| All along, Google has defended News saying that it is protected by
| the fair use principle -- because it only reproduces headlines, text
| snippets and thumbnail images -- and that it provides great benefit
| to media Web sites by sending them readers.

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