[News] [Linux] XBMC Media Center Ported to Linux, Joost Already Running on Linux

XBMC recruiting developers for Linux port

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| The goal is for this to become a full port of XBMC containing all the
| features and functions available in the Xbox version of XBMC. This is a
| huge task which is why we are making this public request, seeking C/C++
| programmers to volunteer in assisting us with this Linux porting
| development project. 


Joost on Linux: it's difficult, but possible

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| Although the methods that people are using right now to get Joost
| working on Linux are very hackish, one should keep in mind that the 
| Joost developers plan to officially release and support a native
| Linux build at some point in the future. Until then, Linux
| enthusiasts will likely continue working to simplify and document
| the process of getting the Windows version of Joost to run in Wine.



Joost opens online video service

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| Joost, the on-demand online video service backed by the founders
| of Skype, has launched commercially.


Joost for Linux -- Amazing PR response...

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| Thanks for your interest in Joost. Yes, a Linux version is planned,
| but the timeline for that is TBD right now.


Penguins rejoice: Linux gets TV

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| The wait is over, Linux users out there. We just released the first 
| Zattoo client for the operating system of your choice (and that of 
| Michael Dell). The main supported distro is Ubuntu 6.10, but the
| package can also be made to work with Fedora Core 6 and OpenSuse
| 10.2 with a little extra effort.


Micronas Creates Industry-First With Support of Open-Source TV for PCs

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| Today, Linux offers field-proven performance, reliability, andf
| lexibility that -- combined with its cost effectiveness --
| makes it attractive to many OEMs and system integrators.
| Micronas partners and open-source promoters the Metzler
| Brothers have pioneered digital television support for Linux. 


Electronics firms plan Internet televisions

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| The new televisions will use Linux operating systems instead of
| Microsoft Windows, it added. That feature is aimed at cutting the time
| needed to boot up and reducing the risk of virus infection. 


TV Makers to Collaborate on Internet TV Standards

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| The new sets reportedly will be based on the Linux operating system.


European Operators Select Motorola's Linux-Based IP Set-Tops For IPTV

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| Motorola announced that it has been selected by two leading
| telecommunications providers to supply its Linux-based VIP range of
| IP set-tops for IPTV services.

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