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Mac OS X - Highly Customized Linux

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| Few players in the Linux arena creates their Linux distro to look like Mac OS 
| X or Windows.... 
| Here I'm going to list some distro which looks like Mac OS.


A Linux User's Guide to Mac

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| Take a deep breath and repeat after me: A computer is just a tool. It is only 
| so good as it serves to make life better for users. A "better" life is  
| obviously not the same thing for everyone. For me, it means making my Mac 
| more like Linux, as I began to discuss in my last article.  



Ubuntu: Challenge the Mac

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| Normally I would just provide a Diigo link to this if it weren’t something
| I’ve been saying a lot in talks. Over at InformationWeek, Serdar Yegulaip was
| a piece called “Shuttleworth’s Ubuntu Ambitions: Challenge the Mac”. He
| quotes Mark Shuttleworth saying in a Datamation article:
|     … our goal, very simply, is to make sure the Free software ecosystem can
|     deliver a Mac OS-like experience, or an experience that will compete with
|     the Mac OS.
| I think this is exactly right. It’s time to look past Windows, even with its
| huge installed base, as any sort of “gold standard” (as Mark calls it),
| especially for user interface.



Tim Bray provides a bridge between Sun and developers

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| For all the difficulties, Bray suggests that he often sees at least
| incremental improvements in Sun. For instance, after he observed "ferment in
| the Python world," he says that his advocacy "helped commit Sun to really
| open up their hardware to the [Python] project. And then we just a couple of
| weeks ago hired two Python people. We're starting to get our feet wet there."    
| [...]
| Looking further ahead, Bray predicts a move away from Microsoft operating
| systems. "The fact is that the vast majority of office desktops are using
| Windows, the third-best platform," he says. "You can argue about the relative
| merits of modern Linuxes like Ubuntu and the Mac, but they are clearly better
| than Windows in terms of robustness, cost, performance, and a whole bunch of
| other things. For the long term, can the mainstream of business continue to
| ignore the fact that there's a better alternative than what they're running?
| If that logjam breaks, that's going to be a real change."      

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