[News] Microsoft's Response to IBM; Adobe's Response to Microsoft Lockins; Linux the Anti-Piracy Winner?

What the HP-Microsoft Deal Really Means

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| Make no mistake, yesterday's HP-Microsoft agreement is all about thefour 
| products Microsoft launched last month in New York City. It's also 
| a competitive swipe against IBM.


Adobe Preps Response to Microsoft XPS

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| Adobe may already own the market for electronic documents thanks to
| PDF, but the company knows that Microsoft has a habit of showing up
| late to the party and stealing the crown. In turn, Adobe is beta
| testing a new project it calls "Mars," which is an answer to
| Microsoft's new XPS format.


Vista Anti-piracy Effort Will Drive People to Linux?

See the third comment.

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| Jodey Grist :
| Actually I'm running linux right now because of all the activation crap,
| and the fact I dont want to spend 325 quid on a full featured OS (oh and
| UAC is the worst thing ever). Vista isnt even all that good for 5 years
| worth of development. I decided to try Linux out, and am typing this
| message from it right now, it's very impressive, and the only thing I
| cant do in it, is play games, so those comments are certainly true for me!

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