Giving those who troll me yet ANOTHER chance

OK, it has gotten to the point where those who troll me are just spewing
nonsense to get attention. Some of their BS:

* Accusations of socks. Not even creative. Boring and false.

* Accusations of intolerance. Of what? They cannot say. But I think they use
the word tolerance incorrectly. I do not "tolerate" blacks or Muslims or
whites or women or Mexicans or Jews or Christians or gays or transsexuals or
whatever... those things are not things which are in any way harmful or
require "tolerance." I do call out overt bigotry and I think that is what I
am being asked to stop doing... but of course those who spew bigotry will
not word it that way.

* Accusations of lying about Peter asking for a GUI program for Macs to help
with networking. I quoted him... he did. He did want it to ship with the OS.
The program I pointed to does not ship with it, but I made that clear from
the start. I also quoted Marek flat out lying and saying Peter never asked
for a GUI program. Easy to quote lies from them:

  Peter K�hlmann:
    For linux (for example Opensuse) this is just a few mouseclicks on
    both side in *GUI* programs to get it working, all in all taking
    less than a minute to do the complete setup

    Since the lying imbecile claims that OSX is way superior to linux
    (especially on the GUI), lets have a smalll video from that
    dimbulb. I naturally expect that his example will show the
    "challenge" to take substantial less time than on linux...
    Where the exact task as descibed takes *less* than a minute (in
    fact, less than 30 seconds when you know how it is done) to do it
    with a GUI.

    Nope, he asked that you do it manually, not with a GUI app
    Typical Snit, runs for the GUI app for sale because he's a
    clueless Mac idiot.
    NFS is quite possibly the easiest of all sharing to set up. And
    Snit immediately runs to a GUI util for $20 because he has no clue
    at all how to do it out of the box with what Apple provided.
    Not only could he not do it with what comes out of the box with
    the Mac, he had to run to a GUI util to do what a simple command,
    which is built in, could do.
    He's a moron, Tom. This is the same guy that went looking for a
    $20 GUI app because he's too stupid to type nfsd start on the
    command line.

* Accusations of me "losing" in terms of Marak making a bash script that not
even he says does not work fine on macOS. He has admitted he has a VPN
server and proprietary information to get his to work. I never came up with
a solution... but have no VPN server. But what did Marek "win"? And why does
he crap himself at the following nine questions if he is not lying?

  1) Do you admit my tasks were generally easy (and you stated so)?

  2) Do you admit you worked on one (the animated bar graph)?

  3) Do you deny you failed to offer a completed example of the task?

  4) Do you deny you brought up your VPN bas script?

  5) Do you deny I failed to replicate it or its functionality?

  6) Did you ever say it would fail on macOS (I do not think you did!)
  7) Do you deny you started your script a months before the challenge?

  8) Do you deny you posted it publicly and got feedback?

  9) Do you deny you spoke of the Mac community failing your task?

* Accusations of me saying Macs handle all tasks -- or even all desktop
tasks -- better than the competition. Just nonsense that comes from Linux
"advocates" who are insecure about their own OS choices.

Anything else? Any questions *I* have not answered? If so I am happy to
answer them... but these 100 threads with 10,00o posts has bored even me. So
THIS thread. If you have a question you get to ask... but if the question is
just you trolling do not get offended when I call you out on it. And *I* get
to ask questions, too. Tit for tat.

Those who are trolling me... ANY question is open. Of course, if the answer
is about my personal or professional life I get to point that out and note
how pathetic the person asking is.

THIS thread though. NO renaming it. NO games. None of the crap those of you
who troll go through.

And in respond to other threads I will feel free to just link to this

"When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The
foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them
as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the Lord your God." --
Leviticus 19:33-34

12/22/2016 12:26:36 AM
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