I was right again!!!

I predicted after the launch of Windows 8 that the operating system
would flop in a tremendous way and that it would lead to the ouster of
both Sinofsky and Ballmer. Sinofsky left shortly after 
the release of Windows 8. Ballmer just today announced his departure.
That makes my predictions 3 out of 3!! 

Next year I predict we will see a sizable number of Windows XP users
defect to Linux as M$ stops supporting the OS. Some people have
suggested that M$ will keep supporting XP just to prevent Linux from
establishing a beachhead on the desktop. I however, predict that they
will make the (wrong) gamble that XP users will buy a new computer with
Windows 8.2 (yes, I'm predicting a further point upgrade of Windows 8
too). After 30% of desktop users have switched to Linux the company will
be in a death throe, quickly spiraling out of control.

I'm gonna enjoy watching the demise of MicroShaft!! 

8/23/2013 7:36:48 PM
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