Maui test -- successful

With an uptime of nearly three days (from my Thumb Drive) with no 
glitches at all, I would say my test of Maui was a success. I was (am) 
able to do everything I wanted to do on it (except there's no widget for 
displaying the temperature on the panel -- Weather Forecast has the 
temperature but you have to click on it to see it). Surprisingly I like 
KDE 5.8.x quite a bit -- and I was able to get around in it and customize 
it with a very little learning curve. It came with a docked terminal 
called Yakuake that I liked a lot -- I'm going to see if it's available 
for Linux Mint Mate. I liked Audacious for playing music (hadn't seen 
this WinAmp clone for a long time and forgotten I used to use it). Pan 
worked great (as usual). Firefox came with AdBlock Plus pre-installed and 
with an "Ant" video downloader, which was interesting -- not really much 
call for it. All codecs and Flash were installed by default, so Maui is a 
complete distribution "out of box." It came with LibreOffice 
(which I used a couple times) and it was solid (as usual). It had no 
issues with my ancient Radeon HD-2400 Pro video card or with my Belkin 
USB WiFi adapter. This is a very solid distribution -- even though Maui 
is "new" I guess this is a continuation of the old Netrunner(?) -- so 
it's not really new -- and its polish shows.

The "problem" with Linux is not that there aren't any good choices -- 
it's that there's so many good choices. (A "problem" I like.) Maui is 
just one of those good choices -- maybe one of the best (especially in 
the KDE family). It's nice to know that -- should Mate suddenly drop off 
the face of the earth -- KDE would be an easy to learn and use 

Testing Maui Linux
12/17/2016 9:57:08 PM
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