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the part of a wall that encloses the end of a pitched roof. 
a wall topped with a gable. 
noun: gable end; plural noun: gable ends 
a gable-shaped canopy over a window or door. 

Gabled roofs are the kind young children typically draw. They have two   
sloping sides that come together at a ridge, creating end walls with a   
*triangular extension*, called a gable, at the top. The house shown here   
has two gable roofs and two dormers, each with gable roofs of their own.   
The slant, or pitch, of the gables varies, an inconsistency that many   
builders try to avoid. 



Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Beaten by the queen of Pembroke each time
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
He's a loser, but he still keeps on tryin'

Oohoohooh oooh

Sit down, take a look at yourself
Don't you want to be somebody
Someday somebody's gonna see inside
You have to face up, you can't run and hide

Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Beaten by the queen of Pembroke each time
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
He's a loser, but he still keeps on tryin'

Unlucky in love, least that's what they say
He lost his head and he gabled his heart away
He still keeps posting though there's nothing left
Staked his heart and lost, now he has to pay the cost

Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Beaten by the queen of Pembroke each time
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
He's a loser, but he still keeps on cryin'

"Fag. LOL", he smiles and says
Though this RMS is driving him crazy
He don't show what goes on in his head
But if you watch very close you'll see it all

Sit down, take a look at yourself
Don't you want to be somebody
Someday somebody's gonna see inside
You have to face up, you can't run and hide

Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Beaten by the queen of Pembroke each time
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
He's a loser, but he still keeps on cryin'

Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Have you heard about the lotusLoser
Now tell me have you heard about the lotusLoser


well i guess if we went to: 

and gave it the URL to the image THAT YOU POSTED IN POST: 

I took that on my way to eat lunch. I tried to make an index card with 
backward writing so the SPANKY-SPANKY! reflection would show up with 
frontward writing, but apparently I can't write backward legibly, so 
you gets what you gets." 
it would say "definitely not green", right???


"People didn't cause the Great Depression, Liberal ko0kTarD. 
Governmental policy did." - Fakey in MID 

"The initial stock market crash triggered a "panic sell-off" that made 
the stock market go even lower."

so... so the "government" panicked, snickers?

funny that a bona-fide conservative horatio alger hero type would want 
the government stepping in to save the stock market.

"Current theories may be broadly classified into two main points of view 
and several heterodox points of view.

First, there are demand-driven theories, from Keynesian and 
institutional economists who argue that the depression was caused by a 
widespread loss of confidence that led to underconsumption. The demand-
driven theories argue that the financial crisis following the 1929 crash 
led to a sudden and persistent reduction in consumption and investment 
spending.[1] Once panic and deflation set in, many people believed they 
could avoid further losses by keeping clear of the markets. Holding 
money therefore became profitable as prices dropped lower and a given 
amount of money bought ever more goods, exacerbating the drop in demand.

Second, there are the monetarists, who believe that the Great Depression 
started as an ordinary recession, but that significant policy mistakes 
by monetary authorities (especially the Federal Reserve), caused a 
shrinking of the money supply which greatly exacerbated the economic 
situation, causing a recession to descend into the Great Depression. 
Related to this explanation are those who point to debt deflation 
causing those who borrow to owe ever more in real terms."

wait?  what?  no major "third" konservative k0okTheory blaming the 
government for everything mentioned?

odd, that.  eh, lotusLoser?


the never-ending saga of fakey's "lotus"...


"sines, sines, everywhere there's sines
blocking up the snickerTurds, breaking his mind"


FNVWe attempts to rewrite physics texts in Message-ID: 

">>let's not forget that mine also had the correct applied mathematics
>> equations unlike fakey the supposed know-it-all:
>> phase A: 120*sin(2*pi*60*x)
>> phase B: 120*sin(2*pi*60*x+pi)
>> voltage difference between phase A and phase B at any point x in 
>> 120*sin(2*pi*60*x) - 120*sin(2*pi*60*x+pi) = 240*sin(2*pi*60*x)
Wrong, as has already been proven. What does it say below, you fecking 
"The _sum_ E(θ) ≡ E(a) + E(b) can be written thusly:""

it says that you don't even know how to correctly apply mathematics to 
real-world AC electricity, snickerTurds.  it says that you're in denial 
about the inversion of your AC legs.

"To mathematically calculate voltage between �hot� wires, we must 
subtract voltages, because their polarity marks show them to be opposed 
to each other:"

on page 2:
** NOTE: The phase of Hot Leg 2 (Phase B) is in the
 opposite direction - i.e., 180� apart from the phase
 of Hot Leg L1 (Phase A)


i know a guy on the internet who will draw a triangular sine wave in 
ASCII art if you ask nicely.</GROUCHO MARX>
see: Message-ID: <4ba4a50aaaebc7fb8a348293c5cf9f13@dizum.com>


snickerTurds can't seem to refute the following:

- begin snickerSinewaveStew.cpp --
HOW TO RUN: download arbitrary precision libraries from: 


place those files in a directory and save this file as 
snickerSinewaveStew.cpp inside that same directory.

compiles with:

gcc -Wall -I. precisioncore.cpp snickerSinewaveStew.cpp -lstdc++

run with:


enjoy the LULZ ;)

#include <fprecision.h> 
#include <iostream.h>

using namespace std;

int main(){

  //float_precision MIN=float_precision(0);
  //float_precision MAX=float_precision(0);

  float_precision STEP=float_precision(.0001);
  float_precision t=float_precision(0);    // time variable
  float_precision sum=float_precision(0);  // sum of SnickerTurd's 
ridiculous sinewave mess
  float_precision snickerPrediction=float_precision(2550.25);  // 
snickerTurd's erroneous k0oK-k'lame Sum
  float_precision PI;
  PI =_float_table(_PI,25);

  // this while loop will run forever, but snickers doesn't understand 
  while(sum < snickerPrediction){
    // fakey's Sinewave Stew(TM) see: MID: 
    sum = (float_precision(150) * float_precision( 
sin(float_precision(120)*float_precision(2)*PI*t))) + 
(float_precision(20.25) * float_precision( 
sin(float_precision(33)*float_precision(2)*PI*t))) + 
(float_precision(1400)* float_precision( 
sin(float_precision(150)*float_precision(2)*PI*t))) +
float_precision(sin(float_precision(5013)*float_precision(2)*PI*t))) + 
ision(2)*PI*t))) + 

    // perhaps show a few values larger than +2300 to educate teh 
      cout << "t=" << t << " sum=" << sum << std::endl;
    t = t+STEP;   

Message-ID: <c8523e6d9c31e3282bbe581fa525a2a8@dizum.com>
"Oh, yeah... it's 2550.25 volts... so why does your graph not even reach 
2500 volts, given that eventually all the sinewaves will 
constructively interfere (ie: *add* to each other) to *sum* to 2550.25 

Fakey, it doesn't reach 2500 volts because the summation of your 
sinewaves never reaches that.  They never reach their max values at the 
same time.  That's how stupid you are.

Message-ID: <731d08dcc702b9a8a13077ffc201e91f@dizum.com>
"I most certainly *did* prove otherwise. It can't even arrive at the 
correct sinewave summation voltage of 2550.25 volts"

Fakey, you only *proved* that you are too inept to graph the equations 
and notice a few things about the interactions of their frequencies when 

the next line of code is never executed, but snickers DEFINITELY can't 
figure out why it isn't and instead has a bunch of lame excuses while 
still having not produced a value for t where the sum=2550.25, as he has 
k0okily proklamed in many usenet messages that are archived FOREVER.

  cout << "snickerTurds was right! the sum is " << sum << " at time t=" 
<< t <<endl;
- end snickerSinewaveStew.cpp --


Fakey irrationally demands a theme song to foam to:
"all I really want your pathetic pwned ass to do is write me a classic 
rock song as tribute to your Usenet Lord and Master..." 


Somewhere Abouts Round Fri, 12 Feb 2016 17:25:03 -0500, Friendly 
Neighborhood Vote Wrangler Emeritus <FNVWe@altusenetkooks.xxx> wrote:
Fag. LOL
Idiot. LOL
Moron. LOL
Tranny. LOL
Libtard. LOL
Crackhead. LOL
GableTard. LOL
DildoRider. LOL
Bad Musician. LOL
Stick Figure. LOL
Terrible Liar. LOL
Sinewave Spammer. LOL
Outerfilthing Stalker. LOL
Talentless FrothMonkey. LOL
Math Challenged Halfwit. LOL
Klimate Katastrophe Kook. LOL
Defeated Tearful Spankard. LOL
Waster Of Time To Save $10. LOL
Worst Maker Of Sinewaves In The History Of Usenet. LOL

<the band strikes up a rousing version of "on top of old smokey">
on top of old snick-ers, all covered with Fag. LOL
is where my usenet lord and mas-ter
can go straight to hell*
*hell doesn't exist.  hope everybody is having a productive evening.






If my poasts are offensive to you, you can always block all From: 
headers containing "root@", unless you are an idiot who would 
like to yammer about "morphing" and maybe try to lodge some frivolous 
complaints to my news provider, then please be sure to ignore this 
helpful information and have fun making an ass of yourself in public.  

if that route of silencing those horrid opinions of mine that you 
downloaded to your computer under duress doesn't work you can always 
try: http://i.imgur.com/jlsN9JX.png?2


The Gish Gallop is often used as an indirect argument from authority � 
as it appears to paint the galloper as an expert in a broad range of 
subjects or with an extensive knowledge of an individual one. 
Simultaneously it presents opponents (in spoken debates) or refuters (in 
written, Internet-based ones) as incompetent bumblers who didn't do 
their homework before the debate. Such emphasis on style over substance 
is the reason many scientists disdain public debates as a forum for 
disseminating opinions. - Page #1 from the Gospel of SnickerTurd


Coming soon!  To a newsgroup near you!:

$ perl fakeyBot.pl
FakeyBot>       I'm FakeyBot. What's your name so I can Google-stalk 
you, look you up on Radaris, and hurl invective and probably-illegal 
harrassing bile from behind an anonymous dizum account?  <snicker>
You>    Robert Michael Wolfe
FakeyBot>       Oh look, you're back again to polish my size 16 steel-
toed boot with your colon and listen to me talk about bestiality and 
cocks, Robert. <snicker>
Robert> you talk about cocks a lot.
FakeyBot>       Oh, I talk about sex a lot?
Robert> gay sex, mostly...
FakeyBot>       Fag!

(just as useful as the original!)


snickers the wonderturd describes how he alerted lots of his kiddie pr0n 
friends to the ensuing FBI sting in message 
"That's easy enough to do... how do you think my crew uncovered the 
largest CP ring using Tor and I2P, which we promptly turned over to the 
FBI? I discovered a way to uncover the IP addresses the I2P users were 
using, and a way of tracking Eepsites back to their IP addresses, then 
we figured out that we could DDOS a Tor IP address and modify Tor 
headers while checking whether a Tor hidden service was still up, then 
using process of elimination to pinpoint the IP address hosting that 
hidden service. It's not rocket science. 
_The I2P community got all up in arms when I discussed on their forum 
how I was doing it, and that it'd be a good way of cleaning up I2P so it 
can get on with being a platform to research anonymous communication... 
my distinct impression was that the "anonymity research platform" story 
was just a cover story to allow pervs to trade CP._  (NOTE: admits to 
participating in what he "suspected" was a kiddie pr0n network.)
That Silk Road 2.0 was taken offline in the ensuing FBI Operation 
Onymous was just icing on the cake."


Golden Killfile, June 2005
KOTM, November 2006
Bob Allisat Memorial Hook, Line & Sinker, November 2006
Special Ops Cody Memorial Purple Heart, November 2006
Special Ops Cody Memorial Purple Heart, September 2007
Tony Sidaway Memorial "Drama Queen" Award, November 2006
Busted Urinal Award, April 2007
Order of the Holey Sockpuppet, September 2007
Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog Whistle, September 2006
Barbara Woodhouse Memorial Dog Whistle, April 2008
Tinfoil Sombrero, February 2007
AUK Mascot, September 2007
Putting the Awards Out of Order to Screw With the OCD Fuckheads, March 

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