Warning treated as error

I am trying to compile a driver code for Windows 2003 server (WNET).
DDK 3790 does not support compiling the code with Microsoft Visual C++
Its Release notes say that we can compile the code in the provided ddk
build environment. So I tried with that.
Initially while compiling it gave some warnings which it was treating
like errors. But there is an option available to avoid this by setting
the warning level.
But again, in linking the linker is treating some other linking warning
as error and I don't have any idea how to avoid it.
Also I don't know how to remove that warning as I am new to all this

The warning is somewhat as follows -
advapi32.lib(ADVAPI32.dll) : warning LNK4237: /SUBSYSTEM:NATIVE
specified when importing from 'ADVAPI32.DLL'; Use /SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE
I tried setting the above said subsystem to console. But the
"build" executable which is called to compile and link the
application automatically passes some default options to the "link"
executable which sets it back to native and I don't know how to stop
it from doing so.
I also tried compiling and linking separately but then linker was
unable to find the definitions of certain functions defined in
msvcrt.lib (got this information from msdn) even after including that
library while linking.

Thanks in Anticipation.

12/16/2004 4:51:06 AM
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