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6	parlib
8	comp.parallel group dynamics
10	Related news groups, archives and references
18	Supercomputing and Crayisms
20	IBM and Amdahl
22	Grand challenges and HPCC
24	Suggested (required) readings
26	Dead computer architecture society
28	Dedications
2	Introduction and Table of Contents and justification
4	Comp.parallel news group history

Where is the group archived?

Archive: http://www.hensa.ac.uk/parallel/internet/usenet/comp.parallel

See also parlib.
It's like netlib.  To start, send the mail daemon
	send index
in with the body or Subject field of the message.

Parlib has been around about six years now. While I was moderator, I
could keep up with it. Over the past couple years, I was too busy. I'm
back in business now. We have moved parlib to a new location that is
web accessible:


From: Dave Beckett <D.J.Beckett@ukc.ac.uk>

(Dec 1993 till present) available under
I also have older articles off-line from Steve Stephenson, from 1990+
but consider them too old to be relevant.
 comp.parallel specifically is at

At this time (June 1995), the index (minus the help) is:

bibliographies - Bibliographies available through parlib or ftp.
butterfly               Example programs for Butterfly
connection-machine      Connection machine examples
cray                    example programs for various Cray products.
faq                     Frequently asked questions and (with any luck) answers.
intel860                Sample problems for the Intel i860 systems.
intel860/c              Example C program for iPSC/860
intel860/fortran        Example Fortran program for iPSC/860
miscellaneous           alogorithms and/or programs which don't fit any
                        other category
mobil                   donation of codes illustrating the same problem
                        solved on various architectures.
newsgroup               Information regarding the comp.parallel newsgroup
other-servers           Other locations specializing is serving special groups.
parallaxis              Example programs written in parallaxis.
p4                      Example programs written in P4
readings                Suggested or required readings in parallel /
                        distributed processing.
schools                 Schools and curricula which support parallel
                        processing work
sisal                   example problems written in Sisal
salishan                Problems and programs from John Feo's book

send index from faq yields:
amdahlslaw - some references to Amdahl's Law
	# oh yeah, read about it.  Don't just find it.  Get the NCC session
	# section on it (including Slotnick's rebuttal/commentary).
debugging - some comments on debugging
emailaddress - how to find email addresses
environments - the turcotte report on environments
express - outline of system
forge - outline of system
grandchallenges - a list of the original grand challenges
gccommentary - a discussion of the grand challenges and how the GCs evolve.
linda - Questions about linda may be answered here.
simulators(dir) - some multiprocessor simulation packages
parascope - Rice University's tools for scientific programming.
parasoft - latest version of news letter---info on where to get.
pcnets - networks of pcs: software.
ppc - Information about the Parallel Processing Connection
p4 - information on p4 and how to get the code.
pvm - information on PVM and how to get the code.
	this is obsolete

qvctapes - information about QVC tapes availability.

See also:

The net does not assure the value or quality of the information posted here.
	caveat receptor
The quality is a function of how YOU (and others) participate.  If you sit
back passively, you will be disappointed.  The group is basically academic
in nature.  Expect academic debate (or the more juvenille "flame war")
on some topics.  You get what you pay for here.  Don't expect technical
advice which you would have thought to pay thousands of dollars (an analysis)
here for free.  It doesn't happen.

I have a huge amount (450M) of parallel computing files and lots of
FAQs, and stuff culled from news articles.


Articles: comp.parallel
Administrative: eugene@cse.ucsc.edu.SNIP
Archive: http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&group=comp.parallel

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