[l/m xx/xx/xx] comp.par/comp.sys.super (16/28) FAQ

Last-modified: 17 Oct 2001

This space intentionally left blank (temporarily).

This will be posting and moderation policies

Actually I like a GOOD flame war as much as the next person.

Comp.sys.super is unmoderated.  Comp.arch is unmoderated.
Comp.parallel.pvm and comp.parallel.mpi (listed in chronological
rather than alphabetic order) are unmoderated.
You can use any of these groups
Comp.parallel is moderated.
Know your news groups.

Traditional Usenet moderation policy tends toward two sets of topics:
those connoted by the news group name and all discussion on the running
and maintenance of the news group.

Moderation is a lot like editing.

Grammar and spelling
I might make 1-2 editorial comments, and even engage in a few suggestions,
but in large part, you are on your own.
I personally rated a terrible SAT Verbal score, but your grammar and
spelling should not detract too much from a good idea if you can
communicate it.  I may ask you to refine or resubmit a post.

Line oriented news systems which don't break at 80 characters (or
variable size window width are a problem).  I may ask you to reformat,
or I may just post with your slightly less readable broken lines.
It helps me (and you) if you have explicit CRs less than 80 character
per line.

What's on topic?

I practice a "one of" rule.
You are largely allowed to get away with anything once (swearing, profanity).  
As I work some times with one of the most noted computer architects,
and he swears a lot when he gets into a good discussion.
Rot13: sure.

Advertising: relevant and done in good taste: ok.

Trolling: on-topic trolling is fine.

Sarcasm: fine.

Should the moderator think that your submission (proposed post)
not fall within these guide lines, I'll mail you back your post
and likely suggest other more appropriate news groups for you to consider.

It is generally a good idea to "do you home work" before posting.

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