Re^2: How to override the ink expiration date, HP OfficeJet L7500/7600/7700 series?

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e: How to override the ink expiration date, HP OfficeJet
L7500/7600/7700 series?

Bob Headrick (bobh@xxxxxxxxxxx>) said:

> >   I want to eliminate the "ink cartridge missing or damaged" error from
> >    my HP all-in-one. I'm exploring three options, and option two is
> >   overriding the expiration date.
> I think you are barking up the wrong tree here. The message for an expiration date issue is
> different, it would say the ink supply is expired.
> What is the exact message? If it is actually "printhead missing or damaged" the
> following would help: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c01446637&cc=us&lc=en&dlc=en&product=2512010
> Regards,
> Bob Headrick, MS MVP Printing/Imaging

The message is "Ink cartridge(s) missing or damaged," not "printhead,"
but "cartridge."  It's a bogus message.  The ink cartridge is neither
missing nor damaged.  This message simply indicates that the cartridge
has reached its expiration date.

It's got nothing to do with a missing or damaged cartridge.  HP was
too lazy to put an error message saying "Time's up!  Replace your
cartridge!" into the AIO's firmware, and they were too stupid to make
it a warning message rather than a hard error that locks up the entire

This is not something new.  HP and other printer mfrs. have been doing
it in their printers for several years.  The Internet is full of
stories of outrage and suggested workarounds, and even news of a
lawsuit against HP for the practice.

HP's web page http://www.hp.com/pageyield/articles/us/en/InkExpiration.html
gives the official explanation for this behavior, and says that the
error message can be overridden for the 88 cartridge used in the
L7500, L7600 and L7700 series.  That web page also lies:  it says that
instructions on how to override can be found on the printer, in the
user manual, or in the expiration message that appears on the computer
screen.  The alleged instructions are nowhere to be found.  That's why
I'm posting my query here.

10/28/2008 2:38:36 PM
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