Sk hynix memory solutions is hiring Firmware Engineers in San Jose, CA

We have multiple openings for Senior or Junior level engineers.  It=92s not=
 hard=85 we are just asking for great coders who can join our team of codin=
g superstars.   SK Hynix Memory Solutions is located in San Jose.  We offer=
 competitive salary, benefits, and FREE FOOD!  Please review the position b=
elow and if you think you are a fit or know someone who might be please res=
pond back with your resume and contact info to schedule a conversation.  =

If you are not interested but know someone who is please forward this info =
along.  All referrals would be appreciated!=20

*** Sorry we are not working with agencies for recruiting right now... only=
 direct candidates should apply***=20

Senior Level Firmware /Software Engineers (20 openings)=20
Job Description:=20
=95        BS in either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering; MS is p=
=95        Perform system integration, validation and debugging of FPGA and=
 SoC design=20
=95        Develop new test software and utility tools to validate SSDs com=
patibility and reliability for target applications=20
=95        Setup the SATA storage test systems and prepare test scripts for=
 SSD evaluation=20
=95        Perform failure analysis by using storage interface bus analyzer=
 and digital scope, identifying the issues, duplicating the problems, and r=
esolving the issues with corrective actions=20
=95        Proficient in structured firmware and software programming (C/C+=
+, assembly, script languages)=20
=95        Hands-on experience in verification and trouble shooting in an e=
mbedded firmware application preferable with ARM based development tools=20
=95        Good working knowledge of design in digital logic, FPGA and SoC=
=95        Experience of firmware debugging tools such as JTAG, In-Circuit =
Emulator, scopes and logic/bus analyzer=20
=95        Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem- solvin=
g environment=20
=95        Good oral and written skills for communication and documentation=
=95        Open to domestic and/or international travel for technical consu=
=95        Self-motivated, strong team player=20
Sr. Level Requirements:=20
=95        Design, implement and evaluate real-time embedded system firmwar=
e for Serial ATA (SATA) and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) SSD controllers that=
 will optimize performance, endurance and reliability for high performance =
desktop and enterprise class SSD products=20
=95        Work with major OEM customers to implement SATA SSD functions pe=
r customer requirements, debug customer issues and prepare test report=20
=95        10+ years of development experience in team-based, complex progr=
amming in the embedded controller environment with Real Time Operating Syst=
em (RTOS)=20
=95        7+ years of firmware development experience in mass storage syst=
ems: solid state drives, hard disk drives, SATA/ATA storage devices, data c=
aching or device drivers; Experience in the NAND flash storage device appli=
cation and/or testing is a plus but not required=20
=95        5+ years of technical management experience=20
=95        A high level of skill in identifying performance critical algori=
thms for peripheral storage system optimization=20

 SK hynix memory solutions (SKHMS) is a leading provider of custom System-o=
n-Chip solutions for the HDD and SSD storage markets through its strong tra=
ction with Tier 1 customers and over 14 million SoCs shipped, along with an=
 extensive operating history in the HDD market and many significant SSD eng=
agements.  We are one of only three companies world-wide developing high pe=
rformance NAND solutions for all segments of the storage solution market (i=
ncluding enterprise systems, PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.).=20

SK hynix memory solutions is a subsidiary in the SK Group.  The SK Group ra=
nks 82nd in the Fortune Global 500 and is the third largest conglomerate in=
 South Korea with revenues of US$140B and is made up of 95 companies and ov=
er 70,000 employees worldwide.  SK hynix memory solutions operates as a sep=
arate business unit from SK Group.  This allows us the freedom to do busine=
ss independently yet still have the backing of a large company.=20

Some notable company achievements:=20
First with LDPC error correction in mobile storage devices=20
 Delivered leading SLC/MLC PCIe/SAS Controller for enterprise SSD=20
 Delivered Hybrid drive NAND controller with near-SSD performance=20
 Delivered highest performance award-winning SATA Controller for Client SSD=
 Developed highest performance eMMC Controller for smartphones and tablets=

Visit us at http://www.skhms.com to learn more about us!=20


Paula Cao=20
Senior Corporate Recruiter=20
3103 North First Street=20
San Jose, CA 95134=20
Phone: (408)514-3655=20
Fax: (408)514-3501=20

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