Cross-Realm Admins

Hi all,

We’re trying to roll out a multi-tenant Kerberos realm service here at ViaSat.  We have a root realm (something like VIASAT.COM) that has principals for all the users, and then a series of sub-realms (A.VIASAT.COM, B.VIASAT.COM, etc) that have one-way trust relationships with the root.  For regular service use, this is working fine.  Users in VIASAT.COM can properly authenticate to a service in B.VIASAT.COM, for example.

We are running a single multi-realm KDC process, along with a kadmind process per realm, on a single host, backed by an LDAP database.  The KDC is running on default ports, but each kadmind is running on a dedicated pre-defined port.  The procs looks something like

/usr/sbin/kadmind -P /var/run/krb5-admin-VIASAT.COM.pid -r VIASAT.COM
/usr/sbin/kadmind -P /var/run/krb5-admin-A.VIASAT.COM.pid -r A.VIASAT.COM
/usr/sbin/kadmind -P /var/run/krb5-admin-B.VIASAT.COM.pid -r B.VIASAT.COM
/usr/sbin/krb5kdc -P /var/run/krb5kdc.pid -r VIASAT.COM -r A.VIASAT.COM -r B.VIASAT.COM

The problem is with our admin principals.  I can’t seem to get our KDC to hand me the service ticket that I want.  Each time I run a `kinit -S kadmin/admin@B.VIASAT.COM -c ccache skemper/admin@VIASAT.COM` I get back a service of kadmin/admin@VIASAT.COM, the root realm.

>From what I can tell, when I issue that command, the request that’s getting sent over the wire is only encoding the service name (“kadmin/admin”), rather than the entire principal of the service I want.  Since serving multiple realms out of a single KDC is supported, I would expect a way to tell said KDC which realm I want a given service ticket from.  Maybe I’m missing something?

Stephan Kemper
ViaSat, Inc.

12/19/2016 8:50:56 PM
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