Putty fails to forward Port 139 properly

I am tunnelling Samba over Port 139 so that I can access my remote
Linux server from my local WinXp notebook that sits behind a corporate

I can successfully tunnel port 139 using cygwin ssh as follows:
        ssh myhome.domain -l myname -L 139:localhost:139

I can similarly successfully tunnel a number of different ports over
Putty (e.g., 25, 110, 5901), but forwarding port 139 doesn't seem to
work (even though it works as above under cygwin).

The log file under Putty shows
2003-06-26 13:22:32 Local port 5901 forwarding to localhost:5901
2003-06-26 13:22:32 Local port 25 forwarding to localhost:25
2003-06-26 13:22:32 Local port 110 forwarding to localhost:110
2003-06-26 13:22:32 Local port 139 forwarding to localhost:139

But... for some reason port 139 doesn't really seem to be forwarded
under Putty.
What could be going on here?
kosowsky (48)
6/26/2003 7:58:57 PM
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Jeffrey J. Kosowsky <kosowsky@consult.pretender> writes:
>But... for some reason port 139 doesn't really seem to be forwarded
>under Putty.
>What could be going on here?

Probably this:
jacobn (252)
6/26/2003 8:22:20 PM