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Is there any option to set on a SSH client running on WIN
XP(downloaded from SSH.com) to send a blank charecter every 5 min of
inactivity? A script on the server kills the sessions that are not
active for a time period. Any ideas of doing this how to do something
that stops the session from being killed.

7/1/2003 10:56:31 PM
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Nicole, I'm not sure about SSH's client, but PuTTY has a feature that
caters for this problem...
Under the Connection section, it has a 'Sending of null packets to
keep session active' option - you can modify the "Seconds between
keepalives (0 to turn off)"

....maybe your client has something similar hidden in it's menus. 
Otherwise try PuTTY :-)
jonsnews (13)
7/2/2003 4:13:25 PM