[ace-users] ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.6 available for download

Hi all,

Once again, thanks to the efforts of many developers, testers, and users,
we are pleased to announce the latest ACE+TAO+CIAO x.6.6 release. The
x.6.6 release is available from the usual download location at:


under the heading "Latest Micro Release kit".

The doxygen documentation for the release is also available.  The
prebuilt cidlc binaries are also available.  In addition to the packages
combined of sources and generate makefiles, this release provides
source-only packages for developers who use MPC to generate their own

We encourage you to download the new release, use it with your
applications, and let us know if you encounter any problems. Please
use the:


so that we have the proper version/platform/compiler/options you're
using to report problems. We also request that you take a look at:


for the status of various ongoing projects at the DOC groups of WashU,
UCI, and Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO forward.  Overviews of our
recent progress and upcoming plans are available at:


The overall success rates for the test results gathered from all our
daily builds is 97% for the ACE tests and 96% for the TAO tests.
Please see:


for a summary of these tests. As always, we appreciate your help in
resolving any remaining problems. Please see:


for an overview of our bug fixing policies.  Moreover, please see


for information commercial support services available from various

The following is a list of key changes since the last micro
release. Please refer to the corresponding ChangeLog files, NEWS files
or Bugzilla entries for more details on the problem and the nature of
fixes applied.

Changes to ACE

.. Added an option to the ACE_Process_Options class to use a wchar_t
   environment buffer on Windows.

.. A new configure option, --enable-rcsid, was added to the autoconf build.
   This is used to embed RCS IDs in object files.

.. A new method was added: void ACE_Time_Value::msec (ACE_UINT64&)
   This method, like the existing msec(ACE_UINT64&)const method, obtains the
   time value in milliseconds and stores it in the passed ACE_UINT64 object.
   This method was added so that msec(ACE_UINT64&) can be called on both
   const and non-const ACE_Time_Value objects without triggering compile 
   Fixes Bugzilla #3336.

.. Added ACE_Stack_Trace class to allow users to obtain a stack trace
   within their application on supported platforms. A new conversion
   character, the question mark, was added to ACE_Log_Msg for stack
   trace logging.

.. Added iterator support to ACE_Message_Queue_Ex class. The resulted in
   the addition of ACE_Message_Queue_Ex_Iterator class and
   ACE_Message_Queue_Ex_Reverse_Iterator class.

.. Renamed gperf to ace_gperf to prevent clashes with the regular gperf
   tool that is available in linux distributions

.. Added support for FC9

.. Added support for OpenSuSE 11.0

.. Improved support for GCC 4.2 and 4.3

.. Added support for CodeGear C++ Builder 2009

Changes to TAO

.. Added a new text based monitor to the Notify_Service to keep track of
   consumers that were removed due to a timeout.

.. Repaired the -ORBMuxedConnectionMax <limit> option on the resource 
   This service configurator option defines an upper limit to the number of
   connections an orb will open to the same endpoint.

.. Repaired a problem that caused the ORB to open too many connections to
   an endpoint.

.. Added a -Timeout option to the Notify_Service to allow the user to apply a
   relative round-trip timeout to the ORB.  This option requires that the
   'corba_messaging' MPC feature be enabled during building of the
   Notify_Service, which it is by default.

.. Added ZIOP support to TAO. ZIOP adds the ability to compress the
   application data on the wire. This is a join effort of Remedy IT, 
   and IONA. We are working on getting this standardized through the OMG.
   Until this has been formally standardized we don't guarantee
   interoperability with other ORBs and between different versions of
   TAO that support ZIOP, this is done after this has been accepted
   by the OMG. If you want to experiment with ZIOP you need to add
   TAO_HAS_ZIOP 1 as define to your config.h file. See TAO/tests/ZIOP
   for an example how to use it. All policies are not checked on all
   places so it can happen that the ORB sends uncompressed data when
   it could have compressed it. This is because of limitations in the
   policy mechanism in the ORB which will take a few weeks to rework.
   Also note that ZIOP doesn't work together with RTCORBA

.. Added a -m option to the ImplRepo (ImR, Implementation Repository) 
   which specifies the maximum number of environment variables which will be
   passed to the child process.  The default (and previous behavior) is 512.

Changes to CIAO

.. None

Bugzilla Issues Fixes

ACE 20 issues fixed:
2293: ACE_Hash_Map_Manager_Ex crashes when size == 0 and find is called,
2794: sigval_t and ACE_LACKS_SIGVAL_T no longer used,
2980: dynamically loading library that depends on ACE from thread crashes
3090: bad_alloc exception configure test leaking memory
3132: Missing autoconf test for ACE_GETNAME_RETURNS_RANDOM_SIN_ZERO,
3141: Missing autoconf test for ACE_HAS_DLSYM_SEGFAULT_ON_INVALID_HANDLE,
3270: Compile warning on Fedora Rawhide with GCC 4.3.0
3291: Build error on Fedora Rawhide (GCC 4.3),
3332: Need rb_tree test,
3336: g++ (at least) complains about call to 
ACE_Time_Value::msec(ACE_UINT64&) const,
3338: ACE::daemonize() does not reopen stdin, stdout, and stderr,
3342: Rename gperf to ace_gperf,
3346: get_host_addr seems broken on vxworks,
3348: ACE_OutputCDR::current_alignment can't be controlled,
3352: DTD expected in app directory
3367: import Iphlpapi.lib when ACE_HAS_IPV6 for windows,
3368: non-reentrant get_host_addr used in SOCK_Dgram_Mcast.cpp.
3388: ACE log %T is broken when configured with ACE_HAS_WCHAR and 
3402: Add shebang to perl files
3415: Bound_Ptr_Test fails on windows with release mode

TAO 25 issues fixed:
  124: Client side is not handling CloseConnection GIOP message properly,
1450: TAO Naming Server dies when more than one client access it rapidly
2243: ORB::object_to_string() returns NULL,
2910: Compression update,
2934: The implementation of -ORBMuxedConnectionMax is unsafe.
3049: Extend -ORBGestalt option to support shared contexts,
3057: pure virtual called when connection closed before connect completes
3105: Add support for handling Location Forward exceptions in AMH,
3163: Segfault when sending too much data
3256: Endpoint Policy breaks with defaulted hostnames,
3306: fini of notification service doesn't do cleanup,
3320: Mismatched or wrong Repository Id for DsLogAdmin/BasicLog,
3341: The DynAny_Test reports a failure in its output but not on its 
return value
3344: Memory leak if valuefactory for valuetype is missing,
3353: IIOP Acceptor fails with IPv4->IPv6 migration enabled,
3354: Crash While 2 Threads Simultaneously in 
3356: catior handles tag_policies wrong,
3358: Add bzip2 compressor,
3363: generated proxy broker can lead to problems when used with 
multiple threads,
3364: Add TAO_ACE solution for WinCE to release script,
3370: Event Server segmentation fault when started with the -b option 
and -ORBInitRef,
3371: Interface Repository IOR File includes NIL Character,
3372: tao_ifr bug processing ValueBase,
3373: IFR Container lookup and contents neglect ValueMembers.
3392: The is_gateway member of the RtecEventChannelAdmin::ConsumerQOS 
owned by TAO_EC_ProxySupplier is potentially uninitialized.

CIAO issues fixed:

MPC 1 issue fixed:
3403: workspace for type borland not usable when we generate a specific 

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