[ciao-users] Announcing the release of the ACE-5.5, TAO-1.5 and CIAO-0.5


Thanks to substantial efforts by many developers, testers, and users, we
are pleased to announce a new "official" (i.e., non-beta) release of
ACE-5.5, TAO-1.5 and CIAO-0.5. As a new official release, the notable
new features in this release are POA/Skeleton refactoring, TypeCode
reimplementation, significant static/dynamic footprint reduction,
versioned namespace support, and Real-time CCM support.

As usual the latest release is available at:


The doxygen documentation for the beta is also available.

We highly encourage you to download the x.5 release, try it with your
applications, and let us know if there are any problems.  We plan to put
out an x.5.1 "bug fix only" beta in the next month or so.  As always,
please use the:


so that we have the version/platform/compiler/options you're using to
report problems. We would also request that you take a look at


for the status of various ongoing projects at the doc groups of WashU,
UCI and Vanderbilt to move ACE+TAO+CIAO forward Overviews of our recent
progress and upcoming plans are available at


As always, we appreciate your help in resolving any remaining problems.

The following is a list of key changes since the x.4.10 beta.  Please
refer to the corresponding ChangeLog files for more details on the
problem and the nature of fixes applied.

Changes to ACE

.. Added a platform macros option "templates=manual", currently only
  applies to AIX 5.3 with XL 7 compiler.  It allows the user to tell the
  compiler to set -qnotempinc and -qnotemplateregistry and works well
  in static builds.

.. ACE and its tests compile error free with GCC 4.1 pre release.

.. ACE_Recursive_Thread_Mutex::get_nesting_level() fixed for 64-bit Windows
  XP on amd64/EM64T hardware.

.. Many build-time fixes for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows PocketPC 2003 using
  Visual Studio .NET 2005 (VC8).

.. Added support for the --enable-tk-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the ACE_TkReactor library.

Changes to TAO

.. Fixed Transport to handle incoming fragmented messages propperly,
  abstract interfaces TAO_Pluggable_Messaging and TAO_Transport have
  been modified. Custom transport/messaging implementations require
  interface modification.

.. Fix collocation optimisation when a location forward is received
  directing a client to a collocated object.

.. Prevent an OBJ_ADAPTER exception when using an object reference
  containing an ObjectID that corresponds to a collocated IORTable

.. Reverted solution that allowed POA-level control over access to
  security-enabled objects due to conflicts with the specification,
  i.e., the Security::SecQoP* are not server-side policies.

.. When suppressing any and typecodes during IDL compilation this will
  not trigger compile errors due to missing any insert operations

.. Bug fix in IFR when creating typecodes for nested structs and unions.

.. Added support for the --enable-tk-reactor configure option to the
  autoconf build infrastructure to build the TAO_TkResource library.

Changes to TAO's IDL compiler

.. Fix problem with missing includes in the skeleton files for imported arg
  trait declarations.

Changes to CIAO & DAnCE

.. Changed MPC configuration of Config_Handlers to turn off hidden
  visibility if applicable when compiling Config_Handlers or projects
  that use Config_Handlers on linux.This change was to work around
  symbol visibility inconsistencies in GNU standard C++ library when
  using g++ 4.x's symbol visibility features.

.. Enhanced ReDaC service to enforce the correct
  assembly redeployment and reconfiguration order.

.. Some bug fixes in ReDaC about removing components.

.. Fixed NodeApplication to unbind a component with naming service
  when removing it from the container.

Known Issues

.. ACE_Time_Value still fails some operations near max/min limits on
  64-bit systems (except Windows, where we limit the range intentionally
  to 32 bits).

.. The MinGW build sometimes will hang the system.

.. We have ~5% tests in TAO that work on one platform but fail on another
  platform.  Success rates on Windows are lower then those on Linux.

.. Process_Manual_Event_Test started failing on multiple platforms recently.

.. Notification service doesn't work with VC8

Bugzilla Bug Fixes

18 TAO bugs fixed:
51, 1356, 1362, 1495, 1543, 1741, 2066, 2086, 2130, 2249, 2289, 2313, 
2367, 2371, 2403, 2407, 2416, 2422.

(several ACE and CIAO bugs have been fixed - they just weren't in the 
 bugzilla database) 

3/6/2006 3:01:04 PM
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> As usual the latest release is available at:
> http://deuce.doc.wustl.edu/Download.html

Not a big deal, but I note that bzip tarballs are not advertised on the 
web page, but seem to be available from the ftp site at least.

                         - Tom

3/6/2006 11:32:01 PM