Remedy IT announces AXCIOMA v2.0.0

Hi all,

Remedy IT is pleased to announce the availability of AXCIOMA 2.0.0 (see htt=
p://www.axcioma.com)! This major releases provides full support for the AXC=
IOMA Execution Framework (ExF) (see http://www.axcioma.com/articles/backgro=
unds/exf.html) for all connector types.

The AXCIOMA Execution Framework (ExF) provides developers full  concurrency=
 control for component based applications.

AXCIOMA ExF decouples middleware event generation/reception and  component =
event handling in such a way that the component developer is guaranteed to =
be safe from threading and code re-entrancy issues without losing the abili=
ty to fully use multithreaded architectures to scale applications.

AXCIOMA ExF will capture and encapsulate events for any interaction  patter=
n or connector implementation (synchronous requests, asynchronous replies, =
state and/or data events, or custom connectors) allowing them to be asynchr=
onously scheduled and subsequently handled in a serialized manner.

AXCIOMA supports the design, development, and deployment of a distributed C=
omponent Based Architecture (CBA). It is the component
framework enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Free evaluation versions for Windows and Linux are available on request! Fo=
r more information about the features and capabilities see

Best regards,

Johnny Willemsen
Remedy IT
8/10/2016 8:16:17 AM
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