Re: from a 2d-figure to an interactive 3d model? is it possible with mathematica? #4

Start simple and add one thing at a time evaluating the results at
each step. Refer to the online documentation often until you are much
more experienced--I still use the documentation often.

Bob Hanlon

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 6:50 AM, luke wallace <lukewallace1990@gmail.com> wrote:
> Holy cow. I can't believe that is even possible from just typing code.
> It looks like an alien language to me how can I ever hope to know what
> I'm doing and write that stuff myself? Are you using some kind of
> graphical interface to arrive at that code or something, or are you
> just doing math stuff all day?
> But please tell me where I can learn to do what you just did, and is
> it possible to make the 2D interactive object you guys just made into
> a 3D one to also express volume not just area? I mean I know it's
> possible theoretically but is it too advanced for an average human
> mind to write down in code?
> How long did it take you to write that code because to a newbie like
> me it looks like it'd take two weeks (it was the first thing I used
> mathematica for, took me forever to realize shift+enter makes it
> compute then I jumped out of my seat)

Bob Hanlon

hanlonr357 (839)
4/28/2012 9:32:17 AM
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