Is the parallel computing toolbox the solution to this problem?

     I am designing a feedback control loop as part of a project. The MATLAB program reads data through the analog input of a DAC (NI USB 6009), and when there is enough data (say N), it starts to process the data to get a control output and send it through the digital output of the DAC. The reading should be kept going while processing the control signal; and the control signal calculation is refreshed when every time when N/3 data comes in (like a moving window of size N, averaging the old data with the new ones)

My problem is how to perform these in parallel? This doesn't need to be in real time, but needs to be fairly quick, the delay still needs to be in orders of seconds. I am not sure if parallel computing toolbox is the solution or there are better (simpler) ways.

I am new to Matlab, so please give me some advice on this ^^ thank u all.
8/16/2010 3:57:09 PM
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