Matlab builder JA: parse java string to matlab cell

Hi all,

I'm building a java swing based GUI for my Matlab application. As such, user input is available as text strings, for example "{[0; 0], [3.5 0; 0 2]}" (mean vector and covariance matrix of a 2D Gaussian). 

The user input will be passed to the compiled matlab method as a MWCellArray. Problem is how do a convert (parse) the above string into a  MWCellArray? 
From its javadoc
the following  method is available:
 java.lang.String 	toString() Returns a string representation of this array,
but the reverse method is not. 

Evidently, parsing a string like the one above is a  non trivial task and I'm loath to attempt writing one by myself. I would be very thankful if someone can point me to the required parser implementation. Matlab itself is carrying out this task all the time, perhaps it is possible to access Matlab's own parser.

Help much appreciated,
10/7/2009 5:27:01 AM
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did you solve the problem?

MWCellArray Rulelist_Jtable=new MWCellArray(49,3);
for (int i=0;i<val.length;i++){
                                for (int j=0;j<val.length;j++){

Myeclipse points out that the method set(int[],Object) is of wrong using with the parameter 'Object'.     
9/20/2016 6:58:03 AM

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