Overlaying Maps with mapping toolbox


I am trying to overlay maps in the mapping toolbox, but I am running
into some difficulty with transparency.
I have a tiff image of the moon; very similar data to moonalb (see
'load moonalb'); and I plot that using geoshow, i.e.:

figure;axesm mollweid
hm = geoshow(moonalb,moonalbrefvec);

I then try to plot additional data with the geoshow command in
surface mode.:

h = geoshow(x,[1 -90 -90],'DisplayType','surface');

but the new surface is on top of the previous map. I can change the
zdata height, and different portions of the map appear through the
surface, but I would like to keep the tiff image in the background,
and plot a transparent surface, as to see how the data correlates to
the topography of the moon.

I have played with the cdatamapping, alphadata, alphadatamapping, and
layer options but I haven't found a solution that works. Any
suggestions are greatly appreciated.

nospam21 (19047)
4/3/2006 7:23:04 PM
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