Software and Information Technology Research

If you are in Software / Communications / Information Technology
industry or profession, then check out the following electronic
publication. It is a must-have for corporate professionals in IT.

The AurumTech MarketPlace Directory of Information Technology
Technology Consulting Services and Software Products 

This is an extensive online Research Directory for Information
Technology Product Evaluation, Research and Analysis. It is
Fully-automated, Dynamic, Web-based - updated continuously.

Its extensive coverage includes over 20,000 solutions, products and
services, and solutions providers, in over 11,000 General, Business &
Industry-specific Information Technology Systems and Services
Categories (list of solutions / products / companies / categories is
expanding continuously and updated every week) including:

- General Information Technology Solutions 
    - Business Intelligence 
    - Knowledge Management 
    - B2B, B2C, E-Commerce, ASP Solutions 
    - CRM 
    - ERP 
    - Supply Chain Management 
    - Document Management 
    - Data Processing / Management 
    - Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) 
    - Accounting / Payroll 
    - Voice Technologies 
    - Multimedia Solutions 
    - Information Security, Encryption, Authentication, Firewalls 
and several other Enterprise Business Solutions 
- Information Technology Solutions by Industry 
    - Finance / Banking 
    - Insurance 
    - Healthcare 
    - Engineering 
    - Manufacturing 
    - Chemical 
    - Pharmaceutical 
    - Retail / Hospitality 
    - Non-profit 
    - Legal / Law Enforcement 
    - Education 

The Online Directory Features include:
- Advanced Research Forum 
- Powerful Query, Analysis, Search and Navigation capabilities 
- Fully-automated, Web-based Query and Research Tool 
- Evaluate Specific Software / Technology products 
- Create & Save your own query search 
- Filter search results by keywords 
- Compare across companies / products using filters & saved queries 
- Search companies by location, state, country, name, product, service
categories ... and much more

Most importantly, The Directory is continually expanding. Companies,
products / solutions / services, and categories are updated every
week. You can also request to include updates for your specific

For more information, click on (or copy/paste the URL in your browser)

Thank you for your time.
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