stripchart activeX controls

The Gobal Majic documentation for the activeX Stripchart from the
dials and gauges blockset indicates that the 'XSpan' parameter is
referenced in days. so if you want to look at a 5 min window you
would have to enter 0.003472 (1/24/60*5) This is correct when using
the stripchart in Simulink as a block, but when trying to put a
stripchart in a fig using an M-file if i set the parameter 'XSpan' it
will create a window only as large as that many [xspan] points. So
if i use the same value [0.003472] i wouldn't even see a full data
point. I need to adjust the value to something like 500 inorder to
see a full period of my input signal.

Does anyone know why this occurs and how i can actually set up the
stripchart to span a set time interval without having to try and
calculate a points/time ratio (which won't be consistant due to
processing speed)

10/14/2003 9:02:12 PM
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