Disconnected from server? error

Upon starting my enterprise guide this morning, I've discovered I seem to be
disconnected from even the local server. I get the following errors when I
try to run programs in EG:

There may be data stored in temporary SAS libraries that will be lost when
disconnecting from servers. Do you want to continue?
If I click yes, I get:

An error occurred executing the workspace job 'name of my SAS program' The
server is disconnected".

I also get another error message:
Integration technologies failed to reset the log line numbers.
QueryInterface for interface SAS.ILanguageService failed.

I did not previously change any settings on my computer. Does anyone know
what this error means and how to fix it?

(I can still run my SAS programs in SAS without EG, though I can't create
html files of my reports. That's what I was using SAS EG for.)

kl75 (1)
12/16/2008 8:13:51 PM
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